Eight Things to Consider When Touring an Assisted Living Community

When choosing to move to a new community, you should consider what’s important to you. Before arriving for a tour, make a list of the things that you’re looking for the most in your new home. During the tour, make a note of how the community your seeing meets the criteria you’re searching for. Below are eight things to consider when choosing an assisted living community

1. Amenities

What are you looking for in a community? If group activities are important to you, ask to see the space where they’re held. If your passionate about wellness, ask about the gym or fitness classes. Do you have a standing weekly beauty shop appointment? Ask about the beautician schedule! Truly get a feel for the amenities available to residents.

2. Dining

Typically, the cuisine of a senior living community reflects the region it’s located. Communities serve three meals a day. The times these meals are served may be a regional custom. If you’re relocating to a new area, keep that in mind! When touring, ask about meal times. Ask to see a menu. If you require a special diet, ensure that the community is able to accommodate your needs! Ask what kind of modifications are available for each meal.

3. Activities

When you’re touring a community, ask to see a calendar of activities that are planned for them month. If you are looking for an active community, ask about average activity participation. Don’t see your favorite game or hobby? Ask how residents request activities they are interested in!

4. Location

Do you want to stay in your neighborhood? Are you looking to move closer to friends and family? Consider what’s near the community you’re touring things like shopping, dining, and doctor’s offices. Also, is the community located on a busy road or in a quiet neighborhood?

5. Community

What is the community like? When scheduling your tour, ask to come at a time when the community is engaged. Some seniors like a nap after lunch. If you go late in the afternoon, it may seem that there’s not a lot going on. When in reality, everyone is resting! Look for staff that’s friendly. How does the staff interact with each other during the tour? How does the staff interact with the residents during the tour? Are the residents active in the community? Ask for a copy of the community calendar to see what kind of social activities are coming up.

6. Services

Senior living communities are designed with convenience and safety as top priorities. Ask if the community offers emergency response services for residents. There may be other services – such as appointment scheduling or transportation options – for doctor’s visits. The community may be able to arrange for medication to be delivered to residents.

7. Lifestyle

Does the community match the lifestyle you live? Are there large outdoor spaces where you can garden? Do they offer exercise classes to help keep you active? Are you a social butterfly? If so, what kind of clubs might you be able to join? If you prefer to keep to yourself, are there independent activity spaces available?

8. Size

Some seniors prefer a large community, while other prefer a “small town” feel. The square footage of the community may also be a deciding factor. If the building is multiple stories, are you able to easily navigate to different floors? How far will your room be from places like the dining or activity rooms? Will it be easy to visit the new friends you make? Will the size of the community allow for you to make new friends?